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Get Pre-Screened Patient Leads for your Clinical Trials

in Just 7 Days!

We have a proven system that connects you with patients who search the internet about health conditions.

Service Highlights

We have perfected our Patient Lead Generation System that connects you with
pre-screened patient leads for your clinical trials.

We provide accurate patient demographics and location targeting based on your clinical trial requirements.


With hundreds of thousands of health searches online, we utilize these queries to generate patient leads for your clinical trials.


We screen your patients with specialized landing pages to ensure volunteers understand your study's inclusions and exclusions.


We value time, which is why we take pride in delivering patient leads on time and within the parameters of your requirement.


We recognize the steep cost of acquiring patients willing to participate in clinical trials, which is why we built our process to be cost-effective.


We put to use our unique Patient Lead Generation System which matches clinical trials with available online searches related with health.


Our team of healthcare experts and online marketing experts collaborate in bringing you patient leads.


With a variety of plans available, we make it flexible for you to choose based on your requirement and later on scale the number of patients.

Ready to Get Patients?
About Care Clinique

We are a team with a background in online marketing and healthcare. We built Care Clinique for research centers to streamline their patient acquisition process - allowing them to focus on more significant responsibilities.

With our 7-year experience in healthcare and online marketing, we assembled a seamless system that provides research centers with patient leads for a fraction of the cost normally spent for acquiring patients.
Health Care Experts

With 5 years experience in the healthcare industry, we understand the need of research centers to connect with patients.

Online Marketing Experts

Our 7 year experience in online marketing enables us to find accurate patient data information.

Mission Statement

We look forward to the day that life saving clinical trials are within the reach of patients with a click of a button. We aim to bridge the gap of research centers finding  patients and vice versa on a global scale. We will move forward relentlessly for a healthier society where everyone is equally cared for.